Automate GSX check in???

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Anyone know if it's possible to automate the GSX check in for pulling warranty and purcahase data into the JSS?

I've always done it manually, and sometimes forget, and when that happens my GSX account expires and I gotta email apple and have it reinstated again.


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It is not currently possible; there is a feature request to add that capability in the JSS.


After having my account disabled multiple times because of forgetting this, I set up a calendar reminder for every Wednesday. It sucks, but that was the only way I could keep it from happening.

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It would be amazing if there were a way to do these on a schedule. Updating the info manually for a thousand devices is painful through the web interface when it times out and you have to start all over.


I created a smart group to add the device when there is no warranty information. I have it on my dashboard so I am reminded each time I am on the page. Initially set up for email but after over a hundred in one day I lust left it on the dashboard and then import the information in bulk.

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yes if u can make script and connect ur gsx with it , when you get info from gsx via api all info wil be in script record so will be east to make search and find info again without acess to gsx acess.