Automate push of Rapid7 on MacOS Device.

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Hope all is well. I was wondering if it's possible to get some assistance on this issue I came across. I am new to Jamf PRO. My Team Lead gave me an assignment to push Rapid7 automatically to MacOS devices in Jamf Pro. I've watched videos and read documentation but still a bit confused and was wondering if I could get some help.


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For a precise answer we would need more information. Is this a normal PKG installer? Or a DMG?

Hello, yes it is a normal PKG installer. 

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I just had to do this. IIRC there are two packages. One for ARM64 and one for X86. Currently traveling, but can post my script on Monday. Basically one big pkg with both of these and the option of what to install based on chip-set. aka artisan universal package

Thank you very much. 

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so in my case I was given a zip file that contained about 9 files. .pem,.crt,.key., etc. I unzipped the file to /tmp. Contained within the file, there were  these files

I added the folder to composer. I then created the following postinstall script:


## postinstall


cd /private/tmp/Rapid7

if [[ "$ARCH" == arm64 ]]; then

sudo ./ install_start --token us:<yourtokenkeyhere>

sleep 10


sudo ./ install_start --token us:<yourtokenkeyhere>

sleep 10

rm -rf /private/tmp/Rapid7/*
rm -rf /private/tmp/Rapid7*.pkg
rm -rf /private/tmp/Rapid7



as always test on a non-prod device, because you should never just implement a script you found online by some random guy..unless its @sdagley . hth




Thank you very much. I am going to give this a try. Appreciate it alot. 

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Nah, you'd definitely want to test it if @sdagley wrote it :-)