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The CAPTCHA system that was recently added to Jamf Nation is extremely frustrating. Between the ambiguous images (e.g. the entire rider must be selected for a "motorcycle" instead of just the machine) and that _every_ post seems to require a CAPTCHA ...
It appears that a Jamf Infrastructure Manager installation will not warn prior to the expiration of the certificate used to secure communication between the JIM instance and Jamf Pro. For more info see the thread @pbenware1 created earlier this year:...
Anyone else seeing a problem where the Edit option isn't available for posts you've made? I've now seen it on multiple posts I've made in the past couple of days and I'm wondering if I have company.
Here are the direct Apple CDN download links for the Safari 16.5 update released today (2023-05-18) for macOS Monterey and Big Sur:Monterey:
After the macOS 13.3.1(a) Security Update is installed the sw_vers tool on the Mac will report the macOS BuildVersion is 22E772610a. Unfortunately the Operating System Build version shown in the computer record by Jamf Pro (at least versions prior to...
Did Mac software development for Lockheed Martin and Netscape/Mozilla, founded FreePPP Group, spent a while managing computers (mostly Macs) in K12 EDU, now into enabling Mac users at the Enterprise level for a Fortune 25 company.