Automatic, remote Imaging - feature request for better documentation

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In our labs and classrooms we need to image (completely erase and lay down a new, clean disk image) at least once a year. With over 350 macs this needs to be done to and, typically, only 2 weeks to do the work, this process needs to be done by a completely automated and remote task.

I have struggled for a while to understand why JAMF's "Autorun" or "Prestage" imaging kept stoping and asking for me to log into the JSS to complete the imaging work flow. I read the documentation, looked at the settings and basically kept trying.

Thanks only to others on JAMF Nation I found out that for completely automated imaging you need to change a setting on the JSS to stop requiring the JSS login during imaging. See the attached picture.

IMHO, this is a major missing piece in the JAMF documentation for Autorun and Prestage imaging. Therefore, I have filed a feature request to have this added to the documentation for those features. That feature request is at:

Please vote up or down as you see fit.