Automatic Scoping of Devices to pre-stage enrolment

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I see a number of posts of this topic but not an answer that matches what I'm after (maybe because you can't!). Anyway, can devices be scoped 'automatically' to a pre-stage enrolment identified by serial number?
Here's a scenario: 40 devices are added to DEP on one go, but 30 are for students, 10 are for staff. I would like to create 2 pre-stage enrolments, one for staff and one for students, and tell the pre-stage enrolments the serial numbers they should be scoped to, by uploading a csv. Any suggestions welcome!


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You could definitely create smart/static groups based on a csv, but prestage configurations can't be applied to smart/static groups.

There seems to be a feature request for this but it is "Not Planned" so far:

This could also be accomplished if there was API access to the Prestage settings, but this feature request is "Under Review" by JAMF so don't plan for it soon:

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Instead of doing this at the "PreStage Profile" level do it at the "DEP Token" (aka "MDM Server") level in ASM/ABM. You can have as many tokens as you need, just as you can have as many PreStage Profiles as you need. I think people seem to miss this part.

By doing it this way, you can upload a CSV of Serial Numbers to ASM/ABM and assign them to a specific DEP Token (MDM Server). Then in Jamf, you have each PreStage Profile assigned to specific DEP Tokens, which are configured to "Automatically Assign New Devices."

(API access is still highly desired for this and multiple other reasons.)


To build off that ASM/ABM has pretty decent reporting of when new devices are purchased and available for you to assign. You can get your csv lists directly from there.