AutoMounter: For managing file share mounts on your mac

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Hi Folks,

I hope this would be useful for someone other than me. I searched Jamfnation a did not find much info about it, so I decided to share some info on it.

AutoMounter by Pixeleyes LTD, allows you to manage your AFP/SMB/HTTPS/FTP shares and automount them on your mac. I understand that most of you already use login items and finder to achieve this or other tools like mountain duck and expandrive, but what sets this apart from the competition, this was written with the SysAdmin in mind.

AutoMounter and its pro settings, go a little further then its competition by offering better customization by using (1) mount rules to auto mount the drive(s) if any or all the set rules were met, (2) exporting setting to configuration profiles so that you can deploy the settings easily with Jamf Pro, and (3) other cool features like, custom mount points, run apps/scripts or open files on successful mount, and safely unmounting if the drive is unavailable.

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AutoMounter is not perfect, but its damn close. Some areas of improvement I would love to see are, further customizing the mount points, by allowing us to set a custom mount point name which we would like to appear, for example, the path server/files/shared I would like to customize it more naming it S - Drive. Also, better SMB optimization like, custom nsmb.conf settings, the ability to choose to remove .DS_Store files etc.

Again, hope this is helpful to someone.



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Hi there! Thanks for the write-up. We developed AutoMounter with the SysAdmin in mind, so I'm glad it's of some use to you.

Please note that we offer AutoMounter outside of the App Store, where it's standalone and activated via command line for easy deployment. In our experience this is much easier to work with than going through VPP.