Azure AD binding during PreStage enrolment


We have started looking at Azure AD and the binding of macs to it as part of our pre-stage enrolment. We have set up registering a new machine with Azure and InTune via the Company Portal app, which works.

What I would like to now do is enable users to bind to AD and sign in using their Azure AD credentials, and also have that as part of the account creation process during pre-stage enrolment.
For the account creation I wanted to use the pre-fill primary account option, and have it filled with their AD username (i.e. email address). I tried this before, but could not get it to work.

Is this functionality only available through Jamf Connect, or can it be done another way?


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you just need SSO sign in enabled in pre-stage and user special claims to edit out from account name, of course user will have to key in their password at the account creation page, jamf connect not needed just for IDP auth, you can then use NoMAD for password sync.

How do you edit out the ?