Backup or Sync Options for Classroom Of iMacs

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Hey Folks,

I’ve been asked to provide some options to keep backups (or file syncs) of a classroom of 15 or so iMacs - just user data nothing else. The iMacs are primarily used for music creation in Sibelius or Logic Pro. I have no idea of the available budget, if there even is any budget, for this; I’d really just appreciate your thoughts. There is an available Mac mini and potentially a Windows-based file share. I’m in the process of writing a simple script that uses rsync to sync periodically to a network share (just sync, no backup). The students also have access to OneDrive. Something that doesn't require individual configuration of computers, eg I could push something out using an installer package, would be helpful.

Options to enable students to have their work available on any Mac they log into would also be most welcome.

Options that are either free or non-free would be appreciated - consider anywhere between no budget (most likely) to an unlimited budget (very unlikely!).

Thanks for your help.