Best Practices for Scoping Exchange Email Profiles to iOS Devices

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Im migrating from Intune to Jamf for iOS and Im experimenting with email profile scoping.  Question for those of you that manage Exchange/O365 and Apple profiles on iOS:

Do you scope your email profiles to your iOS fleet based on user scopes or device scopes? 

Do you leverage Smart Groups to determine what users have email addresses and exclude devices where no email address exists?

How do you avoid pushing an Exchange profile to devices too early (i.e.; before a user as been assigned the device and thus an email account cant be set up or authenticated yet).


Can you use a blank (empty field) in Jamf Smart Group as a reliable criterion for scoping devices with no email account? Example: 

"Email Address" is (blank field)

I see a strange prompt when a new Exchange profile lands on a managed iOS device, I see the following pop-up prompt when setting up email for the first time:

"Enter the password for the Exchange account "(null)".

Even when the device is assigned to a user and that user has a valid email address/account. Ultimately the account can get set up and authenticate OK, but why does iOS think the address name is "null"?