Best way to push files out to all computers via API?

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I'm trying to dream up the best method for our SRE team, who maintains our non-IT, product-focused, VPNs... to deploy the various VPN profile files out to all company machines. Without going through IT, so they can work during their normal hours (which are far greater than IT's current hours). And this allows them to manage the VPNs swiftly.

They need to deploy a number of .OVPN files to a specific folder on machine. It looks like building a .DMG is a good way to do this if we want to use Jamf... but then I get a little stuck. 

I see through the API (Jamf docs here, great post here) that I can give the SRE team an API key that empowers them to push that file into our Jamf file repository. But... that still doesn't auto-deploy the file on-the-fly. I assume I could have a policy here, but policies don't deploy the .DMG every time it updates.

Anyone have any nifty solutions here?