Best way to setup package to remove Adobe CS4 from monolithic image?

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I utilize the script that is in the resource kit:

This is a brute force removal, and will break any Adobe installation that
you are leaving behind, so just be aware of that. I will generally run the
remove script, and then as a pre-install will clear out the folder that JAMF
users to hold the information. Basically the remove script just moves all
of the Adobe CSx (3 or 4) files into the /Library/Application Support/JAMF
folder structure in a new folder named "RemovedFiles" I believe. I empty
that folder before installing the new CS version.

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Do remember, that there is no license agreement that says you have to remove older versions from machines.

You only need to do this, if the newer versions you have purchased are not upgrades and you wish to install these older versions on other machines. However, uninstalling an older version always breaks the current version, so you do always want to do an uninstall at the same point as an install!!!


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Hi Brenton,

We had a similar issue. Rolled out 30+ Macs with CS4, with the intent to swap out for CS5 later. Turned out to be a bit of work, since it involved a couple 3rd party plugins. Anyway, we used GUI steps, some command line steps, and the cleaner script from Adobe. Once the purge was done, we used our Adobe CS5 Design Premium pkg (produced using AAMEE of course) and several other packages to handle the stuff AAMEE didn't handle (AIR, Flash Player, 3rd party plugins, tc.). We had someone do these steps at night remotely. So users came in the next day and were ready to work. Here are the steps we used...mind you we had full inventory on these Macs so we knew what we were up against (so no worries about misc Adobe stuff disappearing that we were not aware of)...hope this helps.


  1. Make sure Casper is installed on the Mac.

  2. Log on to the Mac as <adminuser>

  3. Launch this app to trigger the uninstall tool:

    Applications > Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 > Uninstall Adobe Dreamweaver

    *Select All and choose not to remove preferences*

  4. Run Adobe Cleanup script

*Use Clean All CS3/CS4 option*

  1. Now we need to manually select and delete all folders beginning with Adobe in the Applications folder...example:

    sudo rm -Rf /Applications/Adobe*
    sudo rm -Rf /Applications/Utilities/Adobe*
    sudo rm -Rf /Library/Application Support/Adobe*

  2. Reboot the Mac

  3. Log in as <adminuser>

  4. Launch Terminal and use the following command:

    sudo jamf policy -trigger cs5dp

    *Terminal displays progress and returns to prompt when done. Please keep an eye on any errors or failures that may show up; escalate if necessary.*

  5. Install FontAgent Pro Plug-Ins (decided not to use pkg/policy for this):

    FontAgent Pro > Install Plug-ins/Xtensions

  6. Install GLUON Cropster IDCS5 using Casper trigger:

    sudo jamf policy -trigger cropstercs5


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The scripts work great btw. We just wanted to remove them to keep things
clean on the end user side of it. I can imagine that there might be times
when the client just double clicks on an image to open it and it opens up
the wrong version of PS, not a big deal but uninstalling the old one clears
that issue.