Big Sur 11.3 SMB and USB Drive issues

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Has anyone else been having issues with external drives and network shares since using 11.3?

We have issues when ejecting drives and shares that they hang and need a reboot to forcibly remove the mounted drive.

SMB shares are also acting strange. Some folders work fine but others hang and cause the share to freeze. We are then stuck with a mounted drive which you cant get rid of, or re-add, without a reboot.

Forcing a finder relaunch sometimes helps the drives to go but then the same problem will just happen again when a user tries to access the folders on the share.

The shares are fine with Catalina, Big Sur 11.2 and windows devices so it has to be an issue with 11.3.

Has anyone seen this and fixed it as its causing us huge problems at the moment?!


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Still an issue with Big Sur 11.4

Someone else must be having issues with smb shares with big sur 11.3 upwards it cant just be us??

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Oddly, we're able to access our network shares without issue but have started experiencing network printing issues since 11.3. smb://server/print queue will not work but lpd://server/print queue will work.