Big Sur 11.6 + McAfee + M1

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So I am having an issue where even though the policies are deploying correctly, on a fresh new M1 mac I am having issues where the "Allow" option to grant permission to System Extensions never appears.

I tried on an Intel based mac, clean install, same policies and configuration profiles and it pops up with the "allow" option, has anyone else had a similar issue?

I'm not even sure why I'm being prompted as i am sure i have all the correct PPPC and System extensions being allowed in a Configuration Policy...McAfee Error.png


System Extensions.png



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Do you have rosetta installed on the M1? I believe McAfee only works via rosetta translation on m1 currently. 

Yes i do, my builds onboard straight into a group where Rosetta is applied first before anything else happens

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On M1 Macs do System Extensions need to be restarted so they are approved in the security environment? I seem to recall that was a thing.

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Yea so my machines build via JAMF and then restart to enforce File Vault and usually everything works fine, this is only happening now with fresh builds of Big Sur 11.6