Big Sur Active Directory Binding

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We are in the process of trying to get new iMac mini's w/ 11.4 to bind with an Active Directory without success. The procedure appears to get into a loop when trying to change a local directory. It does sometimes recognize the AD and the posted computer name in the AD intermittently.

Has anyone have any current information. It apparently originated with the 11 beta's.


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I have been able to bind to Active Directory on Macbook Pros M1 running mac OSX 11.4. Make sure you are in:
Users & Groups
Open Directory Utility
Active Directory
Show Options
X-Allow administration by domain admins and enterprise admins
Then Bind

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Are you able to bind with any other version of Big Sur or an earlier OS

Are you doing the bind manually or with Jamf?

I have been binding many different version of Mac OS both manually and with Jamf just fine. That includes 11.4 on M1 or Intel.

If you do it automatically try and do it manually as @dmichels outlined to make sure everything is ok. on the AD side

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M1 / macOS 11.4 / MacBook Pro
I've been able to bind, but when a user sign in it fails to create the mobile account.