BigSur OSX App file got reduced to 27.5MB.

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I was planning to upgrade the OS to BigSur, When I try to download the BigSur OSX App file from Self Service the size of the file is got reduced to 27.5MB. Whereas the actual file size is 12.26GB.

I tried to upgrade the OS with 27.5MB file. I was able to upgrade it to BigSur successfully without any error and it is working fine.

(Devices are managed by Jamf)

Is this the expected behaviour ?


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Hi @syed28257. It sounds like you accidentally packaged the stub installer. There are two OS installer types - the stub, which contains only limited bits to download the full installer during upgrade, and the full installer. Make sure you're adding the full ~12 GB installer to Self Service and not the stub.

Jamf's Bill Smith has a great article detailing a few different ways to download and package the full installer as part of a larger reinstall workflow. Look for the heading "Deploying the installer." I personally like the script option the best ( as I can then take that package and upload it directly to my DP to make available in a policy. Hope that helps!