Black Screen with Cursor Upon Logout on Newly Imaged Macs

New Contributor III

I'm a bit at a loss here. We've finally set up our new imaging system (specifically 10.10 in this case) and unlike previous rounds, I created this image completely from scratch.

I'm using a monolithic image system as my department usually has the same needs across the board, but with the ability to install packages (such as Office updates and similar things). I created a custom Default User Template with only the most simple of changes: a custom dock with specific programs, network links and such, a link on the desktop to a "Readme" about the new image and two LaunchAgent .plists that run scripts designed to configure the desktop and screensaver images.

However, after imaging with my new 10.9/10.10 Dualboot image system, when using "Startup Disk" to boot from 10.10 to 10.9, I'm getting intermittent freezes on a black screen with a movable mouse cursor. I've only been able replicate the issue intermittently on a forced local Active Directory user. The only way to get out of it is to do a force reboot. It then boots properly to 10.9, which kindly informs me that I turned off my computer because of a problem.

I know there was a similar issue when 10.10 was first launched that caused Macs to get stuck like that upon first boot, but this seems like a completely different issue. In addition, this has not occurred when using the local admin user (and I've attempted it multiple times).

Any suggestions?