Block Photos in iCloud Setting in macOS


We've disabled all iCloud settings for all Macs.

Restrictions > Functionality > All Allow ICloud are unchecked.

On the Mac we're still seeing access to Photos.  How is Photos access disabled?



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If you don't need the photos app, you could try blocking it from running in the restricted software section of Jamf.


Would like to use Photos to manage and edit the photos on the Mac.  Just do not want Photos to talk to iCloud.  

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From what I can tell, Jamf hasn't implemented the MDM payload to restrict iCloud photos in their Pro product yet, although it is listed as an available restriction in their Jamf Now documentation. There are two feature requests to add this functionality, which you could upvote:

Add allowCloudPhotoLibrary into your restrictions section

Missing MDM payload: allowCloudPhotoLibrary

Both feature request pages list a custom setting payload, which you could try (untested by me):


    <string>Configures restrictions</string>
    <string>Jimmy Swings</string>



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The MDM payload for disabling photos is broken and has been for many major versions of the system(maybe as far back as 10.13).  Despite endless feedback and enterprise tickets this has never been resolved.  

I want to say it may be fixed in Monterey but it regresses every so often so who knows.