Bluetooth Device Management - Restrict/Allow

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Hi All!

Prior to my current role, Bluetooth restrictions seemed to be all or nothing. Either users were free to connect to various Keyboards, Mice and Headsets or not at all.

Now I have a mandate to allow specific, vendor approved Keyboards, Mice and Headsets...but nothing else via Bluetooth.

What is your preferred method of managing BlueTooth devices in macOS/Jamf?  BlueTooth must be enabled but not discoverable and auto-pairing/file transfer type functionality needs to be disabled. 3rd Party Product? Config Profile? Script? Some combination of the 3?


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I'm currently working on this. I can't figure out how to just allow specific vendor/device to connect. The only way I found so far is to disable bluetooth with <key>DisableBluetooth</key> <true/> in then, turn on when the user need to pair a new device but that's no ideal in our environment. 

I'm using this to turn off Bluetooth Sharing. It doesn't disable it though.




currentUser=$(/bin/ls -l /dev/console | /usr/bin/awk '{ print $3 }')

btSharing=$(sudo -u "$currentUser" defaults -currentHost read PrefKeyServicesEnabled -bool false)

if [ $btSharing = "1" ]; then

sudo -u "$currentUser" defaults -currentHost write PrefKeyServicesEnabled -bool false


exit 0



Turn off bluetooth if is on. 




## 1 is ON, 0 is OFF
btStatus=`defaults read /Library/Preferences/ ControllerPowerState`

if [ "$btStatus" = "1" ]; then

	sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ ControllerPowerState -int 0 && \sudo pkill bluetoothd

exit 0





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Correction: plist will completely disable it. The Configuration Profile Bluetooth Restriction will keep the paired devices but can't pair any new ones. 

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Since this topic just came up in my org, it's worth noting that Jamf Pro 10.50+ and macOS Sonoma will now have payloads to disable Bluetooth Sharing.

Slight build on @YanW 's EA above:


# return current status of Bluetooth Sharing

# Bluetooth Sharing must have been previously enabled for this to return any numeric value regardless of current status
# otherwise, a non-zero value will be returned:
#   The domain/default pair of (, PrefKeyServicesEnabled) does not exist

currentUser=$(stat -f%Su /dev/console)

state=$(sudo -u "$currentUser" defaults -currentHost read PrefKeyServicesEnabled)

if [ "$state" = "1" ]; then

elif [ "$state" = "0" ]; then

elif [ -z "$state" ]; then
        status="Never Enabled"

echo "<result>$status</result>"

exit 0

Tested on 12.7 - 14.1.