Bluetooth keyboards and FV2 - Login Window issues

New Contributor II

Hello there,

I'm running a Mac mini 2018 with a Logitech Craft Keyboard, MX Ergo Trackball. Edit: FV2 with Institutional Key.

System is on 10.14.6...until a couple of days ago I could log in at the Login Window prompt no problem using my Logitech keyboard. It would wake the system and I could type my password without issue.

The other day I rebooted and suddenly nothing. Doing some research, I see this is expected behaviour...what makes no sense to me is why I've been able to run without any problem for 6-8 months and suddenly it stops working? Others have been dealing with TB3 docks and 3rd party keyboard not working at the Login Window, I've been oblivious to that caveat because my system has been working fine for months.

Is there any way I can get back to a place where I can use Bluetooth at the login window again? (without buying an Apple keyboard just to type my freakin' password). There is clearly nothing about the hardware that inherently 'won't work', it's all an arbitrary limitation...can we circumvent that?