Boston JAMF User Group Kickoff

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Boston-area folks-

The Boston JUG is alive and I will be hosting the inaugural event at Fidelity Investments at our Financial District location. It will be on Thursday, February 14 from 11:30am to 1:30pm. I'm working on getting lunch served for the event. Please be aware that the venue has room for about 50 people.

Event details and registration are located on Eventbrite


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Update: Lunch will be served with the gracious help of JAMF Software.

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I am in Texas so obviously wont be able to attend, however, I still want to give you a "bravo!" for organizing this inaugural event.

Bravo for your support as well!

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Sean, thanks :)

Everyone else, we're 30% reserved already. Get a spot while you can!

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A fly on the wall says there's a JAMF User Group coming very soon to the DFW area. :)