Breaking up JSS in to Tomcat and MySQL

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I'm trying to minimize the number of applications installed outside of my firewall or even in my DMZ, and I was wondering if I can have Tomcat/JSS on my DMZ and my MySQL database inside my network. I haven't deployed yet and I can't find any information in the documentation regarding this kind of setup. The section on clustering from the install guide in conjunction with the ports listing from the administrators guide makes me think that it's possible, but I'm hoping for some kind of confirmation.


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It's definitely possible. Just make sure your webapp can talk over 3306 to your MySQL instance.

Valued Contributor III fact you can have multiple Tomcat instance in or outside of the network pointing back to a MySQL database inside the network. Assuming you aren't looking for an advanced config, I'll start you out with documentation for setting up a DMZ instance:

Installing a Tomcat instance in the DMZ

I would also recommend that if you are looking to get scaling right that you sign up for the CJA course. They give you a good strong boot camp on getting scaling done right in your organization.