Building Lab with Bootcamp Windows 10


Hello all,

How would you go about building a Mac lab that also needs Bootcamp installed? It'll be a 27" iMac with 50% of the drive being used for Bootcamp for the remaining of the school year (December - June). Our goal is to pull out the existing PC lab and replace it with Macs, but allow them to use Windows for the time being.

The machines are going to be coming with High Sierra, so I am assuming APFS is already enabled. Is there a way to build out an image that contains pre-configured partitions for Windows and macOS? Then we can just name them and bind them to Active Directory.



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Winclone is what we use. Just now testing with 10.13 with APFS so not quite ready to go live with it just yet. We currently dual boot a large part of our staff laptops running 10.12 using winclone packages with 50/50, 80/20 or 20/80 partitions. Check it out here Winclone.

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@Ricky How are you currently deploying your normal PC's, if your using SCCM you can get yourself setup so you can use SCCM USB media to deploy the Windows side on a dualboot.


@Look The way it has been done for ages is to put a base Windows copy on the machine, bind it to AD, then install SCCM to push software out OTA.

I guess the best way to do this project would be to install the computers, configure the Mac side of things, partition them all out and install Windows 10 via a USB? From there we would bind and configure them like a normal PC.

Feels like a bunch of work, but I can't find a better solution. I think that @m.donovan has a good premise, but I don't think business would justify paying $300+ in software, especially since the lab will only be used in this configuration for a few months before going full macOS.

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@m.donovan are you having any luck with using Winclone to deploy windows 10 on boot camp partitioned APFS drives (High Sierra+)?