Building Mac OSx Apps


This is just a general question not regarding JAMF. But I was wondering if anyone would know of any good super beginners books or e-books or sites that could teach me how to make Applications for Mac OSx. Im looking to expand my knowledge and any help you guys can provide would be awesome!


New Contributor

Big Nerd Ranch, Pragmatic Programmers, Kochan, and the Apple Books on Objective-C and Swift.

Lots of good sites...just google around. The most important three items to have are:
1) Time
2) Curiosity
3) Diligence

And paraphrasing Aaron from BNR - this stuff is hard. Be patient. Get an idea for the a basic thing that drives you nuts, and pound on it until you have something that works. Having realistic goals and simple ideas helps get you the traction you need.