Bulk update to IOS / Active Directory location details

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Hi all,

I need a way to bulk update all location details for IOS devices within JSS. Details are taken from Active Directory, and are correct at the time of the user enrolment, but as of now these details are no longer current.

I managed 1200+ iPads in a school, and since all the students have now gone up a year level, the level groups within JSS will no longer show the correct students. I can go into every entry and click the button to reload the details from AD, but with so many students and so little time, I figured there has to be a better way.

Since I'm not the only one out there who uses JSS in a school, there must be others who have come across this issue before. Any ideas of the best way to go?


David McIver,
Thomas Carr College,
Melbourne, Australia.


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I'm looking for the same thing, a ways to populate location information in bulk, an import function using a cvs file.

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Yup, would be handy.

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I have a way with the Mac OS, but not sure if it would work with iOS.

I take a look at who has logged in the most over the past 30 logins and put that as the dominant user and update the info field (while pulling their info from LDAP).

If each device has a unique ID assigned to them, you could probably do the same. Query the ID assigned inside the OS (again this is a stab as I haven't touched JSS & iOS yet), and cross-reference it to the LDAP/AD and populate the info box with the username.

Just a thought, again I have no idea what I'm talking about on the iOS side, but it works like a charm on the Mac OS side.