Can't get the image to deploy

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Hi guys, my problem in short is that when i try do deploy an image through the netboot it works fine up untill the moment it sais " mounting distribution point" , usually it goe on to delete HDD,install image,deploy some scripts. Now it just mounts and unmounts without doing an actual installation.

We use a afp fileshare on a linux server i made the netboot image with a 10.10.3 dmg the actual image i put in the casper admin is the same one.

What am I doing wrong?



@Gwen Few things i'd check to make sure..

i'd check my AFP settings on the JSS via web including ports you can find it all under the File Sharing tab.
make sure your shares are listed with FQDN in there as well. If so try using IP...

Check to make sure your account has access to the share...Password issues? Username issues? permission issues?

Any spaces in your Username?

Let me know if that helps.

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Hi @MAD0oM ,

the settings are all ok, it's just that up untill last week we were running a 10.10.2 image with exactly the same configuration, only a diferent DMG containing the os.

it used to work just fine but since i replaced the 10.102 with 10.10.3 it just wont work :(


@Gwen Hmm.. what did you use to create image? and try mounting the Share on your desktop.. see if that works with same credentials. let me know

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Can you deploy through target disk mode as a test of the image and config?

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What I do now is deployment through the target mode and it does not work. I am trying this on both a 2011 iMac and 2015 macbook pro. Just now the iMac did act like it was going through the process but was'nt actually doing it, with the next try it just went from " mounting distribution point " to " install complete"

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Hi @Gwen ,

you could try to unmount your distribution point before you start the deployment.
Open the terminal and type: diskutil unmount force /Volumes/Caspershare