Can't register Balsamiq Wireframes with Jamf

New Contributor II

If I install Balsamiq on a MAC via Jamf Pro and execute the command local on the MAC in the terminal:
/Applications/Balsamiq Wireframes --register "KEY" then Balsamiq Wireframes is registered and I see that it expires in 270. If I now drag into the composer Balsamiq Wireframes and add a script postinstall there with the command /Applications/Balsamiq Wireframes --register "KEY" then Wireframes will be installed and the registration will work, only if I open Balsamiq Wireframes now, the license will only run for 30 days, the standard license and not 270 Days. Next attempt, again installing Balsamiq Wireframes with Jamf and creating a new policy, Ongoing Self Service, there I added a script that executes the command. The command is executed successfully, but Balsamiq shows again with only 30 days.
It only works if I execute the command locally on the MAC, how can that be?