Cannot Deploy App Store App to Mac running macOS 11.6

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I am a bit familiar with using JAMF to manage iOS devices (iPads) that were purchased from Apple. I inherited a system that was set up for me. I would like to use JAMF to manage the Macs that we have and thought I would start with a new Mac we purchased outside of DEP. (From Apple's Refurbished website.)

After a bit of difficulty, I was able to enroll the MacBook Pro in JAMF Cloud. I am now trying to deploy an application to the Mac, but I have not had any success.

Before I continue, we have at the moment we have no Policies, Configuration Profiles, or PreStage Imaging for the Mac.

I started by purchasing the app, SonicWall Mobile Connect, via our Apple Business Manager account. Next, I created a new Mac App Store configuration for the app. When I created the configuration, I chose to Install AutomaticallyPrompt User to Install option. Scope is set to the specific Mac and all users. I have selected Assign Content Purchased in Volume. The application does not install and it does not prompt me to install the app. I must be missing something.

When this did not work, I went the Self-Service route. I selected the option to Make Available in Self-Service. I then went through the steps to configure Self-Service for macOS. Self-Service successfully deployed to the Mac and listed the SonicWall Mobile Connect app. However, when I click on the install button, the macOS App Store pops-up on the app's page. If I click the Get button, it asks me to sign in with my Apple ID. Self Service reports that the "Item Failed." Not helpful.

After repeated button clicking and trying to tweak settings in JAMF, I noticed that when I click the Install button in Self Service the Self Service app reports Cannot reach Jamf Pro server… Retrying and then it stops once the App Store opens to the SonicWall Mobile Connect page. I've switched the MacBook Pro over to my personal hotspot and I get the same error.

What am I missing?


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Hi @Bill_Hofius , 

when the popup comes, you have probably activated the checkbox "Free - App is free". Disable the checkbox and make sure that you have set "Device Assignments" in Managed Distribution.

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Hey Nick1403.

Unchecking the Free - App is Free option did not change the behavior (and the app is free). 

Again, the behavior is either:

1.) When pushing the app to the MacBook Pro in question it does not install.

2.) When making the app available through Self Service, Self Service reports that it cannot connect to the Jamf Server and launches the Mac App Store.

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Removing the Mac from JAMF and manually re-enrolling the Mac seemed to do the trick. Now if I can only get packaged apps to deploy...