cannot start tethered-caching on 10.12.4+


I'm having a heck of a time trying to get tethered-caching working in my district. If I have a machine at home, and I run sudo tethered-caching, it works fine. Registration succeeds, tethered-caching service starts and remains active.

However, if I try the same thing on our internal network, I get a message saying "PUBLIC_IP_NOT_IN_RANGE". I'm currently working with Apple on this, but we can't seem to figure out if this is on our end or Apple's, since both our firewall and content filter are set to allow anything to pass through for the network.

Have any of you seen this message when trying to start tethered caching on a Sierra 10.12.4+ machine? I sure would love to figure this out, so that I can stop destroying my wireless network as I update these 2,000+ iPads!