Cant enroll Windows client

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Cant enroll Windows client. After installation it shows only no name without details in the inventory. If anyone can help me with this issue..thanks!


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Hi @mreaso,

Thanks for reaching out to the JAMF Nation community to get this one answered!

We have seen that this behavior is often related to a defect in Recon.exe; however there may be other factors that are contributing to this as well, because of this it would be best to open a case with your Technical Account Manager.

We can do this simply by clicking on "More" above and then "JAMF Support", or emailing JAMF Support at:

Additionally, please add this link to the case you create.

Thanks and have an Awesome Day!

Jason Cohen
JAMF Software Support

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Hi @jason.cohen][/url][/url... many thanks for your response. I've already opened a case regarding this glitch. This is actually weird because it's intermittently working but still we need a permanent fix on this. Oh well... Windows πŸ™‚

Have a great day!

Cheers, Mike