Capturing printers


How is everyone capturing new print qeue now jamf has removed Jamf admin which had a nice feature to do it. This Jamf alternative

However it didnt seem to pickup the new print qeue I created.




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Hi Tom !
This app seems to not be functional at this time (1.0.1 version), I got a other troubleshoot at very first step: 

I’m not able to see my local IP printers (Airprint & PostScript too).
This local list is blank even if I use the refresh button 😅
We should make together a feedback at
I'll made mine this morning. I'm on Apple Silicon running macOS 14.5.0 Sonoma.
And on more thing ;) It seems Jamf removed all Jamf Pro app 
access with Jamf Pro 11.6.1... so I had to set manually printers from my Jamf Pro webpage right now... awful 😅


Thanks @JulienDB 

I though it was 3rd party tool not managed by Jamf.

Having a go a scripting it 
/usr/sbin/lpadmin -p "PDW_Plotters" -L "PDW4005" -D "PDW_Plotters" -o printer-is-shared=false -v lpd:// -p /Library/Printers/hp/cups/Designjet1PS.driver -o auth-info-required=negotiate -E

Getting this currently 

Script exit code: 1

Script result: lpadmin: Printer name can only contain printable characters.

Think it has something to do with -p -D flags 



Have just discovered you cant add printers that already on your Jamf pro server.
You have delete them first before it will show in local list.

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Yep It's a beta app from Jamf officials dev @tdenton !
Of course, It's only for printers that aren't actually on your Jamf Pro.
But I can see none of my new local printers.

Support answer me there's a v1.0.2 in beta & granted me access, so I'll test this new version & see you later with the results ;)

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My problem is solve with the brand new v1.0.2 app.

You should give It a try for your problem too ;)
Jamf Printer Manager v1.0.2