Carbon Copy Cloner for High Sierra 10.13.5

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Good morning everyone,

I have a quick question. I have several lab carts of MacBook Airs. They are all the same vintage, hardware spec, etc. If they are all on High Sierra and thus converted to APFS can I set one up with the accounts and software that they need and create a copy of the disk to transfer it over to the other laptops?

I don't think it'll be an issue, but does anyone have any insight or another angle that I am not looking at?
This will save me countless hours of setting up each computer with the required local user accounts, etc.

Thank you


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I would NOT recommend such a strategy even if Carbon Copy Cloner is still available.

Putting aside major issues such software licensing that is unique to each machine, with Apple updates and upgrades coming with firmware patches these days, you run the possibility of major destabilizing behavior.

If possible, I’d recommend DEP with proper Jamf Pro policies to populate your software.

There are a number of ways to get the OS on the machine but the simple one is Internet Recovery. Even Apple is discouraging block copy imaging these days.