Casper 9 and WebHelpDesk Asset Discovery

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Has anyone successfully setup Casper 9 and WebHelpDesk Asset Discovery? I am on JSS 9.3 and WHD 12.1.0

I have my ports open on the firewall on my internal network but I keep getting an error message. One is "Time out while attempting to connect to https://myjssserver/JSSResource/computers". This occurs when I don't specify a port. The other is peer not authenticated when i specify port 3306. I have a valid JSS account entered for the credentials. WebHelpDesk support for our company isn't reliable. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.



Sounds like you are trying to use the old connection. Use the Casper 9 option. You will need an account on your JSS that has read only access to the API. Use that account information in the discovery connection settings in WHD.

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ThomasC's post is correct - use the "Casper9" option along with an API read-only account and you'll be good to go.

I use WHD, but probably not in the way they expected to integrate with Casper. We only use Casper for MDM/iOS, not for Macs, so there are no computer objects in our JSS. WHD does not handle this situation at all - at this time, pulling mobile devices from Casper is "unsupported" and is currently a feature request.

The good news is that I've written a Python script that uses the JSS API to store the information in a MySQL database, and WHD supports pulling tables directly from a MySQL database as one of its discovery connections. You can see the script here:

It can be easily tailored to incorporate any information available from the JSS API, including computers.

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Thanks for the feedback. I verified it is the Casper 9 connection. Followed the Solarwinds documentation exactly. Still no luck. Still get a message stating. "Timed out while attempting to connect to 'https://10.1.x.x/JSSResource/computers'

I went into Casper and setup a new user account with read access specifically for WHD and it still didn't work. We have an open ticket with Solarwinds as well. Thanks again.

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It worked well with my server (be sure to specify the port number in the JSS Server URL field ... 10.1.xx.xx:8443)

The downside of the WebHelpDesk sync tool is that it only syncs Computers, not mobile devices. You will need to create a couple of VIEWS in your database so WHD can pull the mobile device data also. Here is the MySQL script that we used to do that:


A separate discovery tool needs to be created to sync the mobile devices. It involves opening a connection to the JSS MySQL database and creating the necessary queries to pull the needed information (accomplished with VIEWS)

Opening the DB connection: 1. SSH/Terminal into the JSS Server and log in to MySQL: /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -u root -p (the password for root is blank, just press enter)

  1. Create a read-only user: grant select on jamfsoftware.* to 'jamfnavigator'@'%' identified by 'password';

Create two views:

VIEW #1 - isolates the latest reports from the devices

create view whd_jss_reports as select substring(max(concat(date_entered_epoch,report_id)),14) as max_report_id, mobile_device_id from reports group by mobile_device_id;

VIEW #2 - gets the various fields from the JSS tables that you will need to sync

create view whd_jss_mobile_devices as select m.asset_tag, m.serial_number, m.display_name, m.wifi_mac_address, d.ip_address, d.os_version, d.model_version_number, b.building_name,, p.department_name, l.username from whd_jss_reports r left join mobile_devices m ON m.mobile_device_id = r.mobile_device_id left join mobile_device_details d ON d.report_id = r.max_report_id left join location_history lh ON lh.mobile_device_id = m.mobile_device_id left join locations l on l.location_id = lh.location_id left join buildings b on b.building_id = l.building_id left join departments p on p.department_id = l.department_id where m.asset_tag > '' and d.model_identifier like 'iPad%' group by m.asset_tag;

Exit the JSS Server and log into WHD to add a new Asset Discovery to WHD


  2. click add, and enter the particulars for the connection

-- Connection Name: JSS Mobile Devices - Custom MySQL View -- Discovery Tool: Database Table or View -- Database Type: MySQL
-- Host: <your JSS server IP> Port 3306
-- Database Name: jamfsoftware
-- Username: jamfnavigator
-- Password ••••••••
-- Table or View: whd_jss_mobile_devices
-- Sync Column: asset_tag
-- Ignore Blank Discovered Values: Yes
-- Sync with Existing Assets Only: No
-- Client Relationships: Ignore clients
-- When Assets Are Removed: Set Status to Retired

  1. Set the attribute mapping.

  2. click the 'Sync Now' button to test the process.

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@nmcspadden - read only API account in Casper 9 is just an account where JSS objects are all set to Read, or am I missing something obvious?

Trying to figure out why I'm getting the "peer not authenticated" when trying to set up the connection.


See -

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thanks pbenham, I confirmed if you manually edit the server.xml on versions < 9.61 for the poodle vulnerability, it also breaks WHD integration as expressed in your 9.61 thread - where they fix it for you.

Confirmed removing the edit in server.xml fixes it.

Do you guys have tickets in with Solarwinds on this? If so, I'll mention it in a ticket for me.


Our case # was - 714076

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To anyone who has webhelpdesk integration working - are you able to import last checked in or last inventory time into the webhelpdesk database? I can't figure out how to do this. I'm waiting for permissions to put tickets in with solarwinds so figured I'd ask here in the mean time.