Casper Admin not capturing kerberized printers

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Have only recently noticed that our printers have been deploying without the -o auth-info-required=negotiate option (kerberized cups). Checked and rechecked and triple checked and it appears Casper Admin (8.52) isn't capturing this option. I can't say anything about previous versions working or not as we were using ksmbprintd up until recently.

Simple fix is to throw this command into the policy (Advanced | Run Command);

sudo cat /etc/cups/printers.conf | grep "<Printer" | sed -e 's/<Printer //;s/>//' | xargs -n1 lpadmin -o auth-info-required=negotiate -p

Hope this helps someone.


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I added a sleep 60 in front of this to allow a brand new printer time to write to printers.conf, made it into a script set to run after, then added it when deploying a new printer, seems to work pretty well.

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We use this and method in the script and (plus sleep 10).
You can grep something specific to run this only to your enterprise printers only and not to private printers installed.

e.g. - look for printers with your "" AD domain name.


declare -x SMBPRINTERS="$("$lpstat" -v | "$grep" smb | "$perl" -p -e 's/device for (.*): smb.*/$1/g')"


declare -x SMBPRINTERS="$("$lpstat" -v | "$grep" -i '' | "$perl" -p -e 's/device for (.*): smb.*/$1/g')"