Casper Application Bug Report/Feature Request

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Visual Display Bug in Casper:

As a user interface element, Column Headers are often expected to function as a sorting tool as well. For example, look at a Finder window in List view. Generally, the Name column heading is highlighted, indicating the window's contents are sorted by name, and the sort order is expressed as a triangle, pointing up to indicate an ascending sort order, or pointing down to indicate a descending sort order.

In the Casper application, these controls are also available. In a new Remote window, you can sort your computers by Computer Name, User Name, Asset Tag, or IP address. Clicking a column heading sets that column as the primary sort key, and repeated clicks will toggle the sort order between ascending and descending -- the contents of the window change to reflect the selected sort key and sort order.

However, once you begin performing actions on a set of computers, the window changes to a view providing three columns: Computer Name, IP, and Status.

In this new view, clicking a column heading will cause the column heading to behave as it should -- the column heading takes on a highlight color, and expresses a sort order via a triangle. But it does NOT set the sort key, nor does it set the sort order.

In these result/status windows, I would like to be able to group machines by status -- so all the "Finished" computers listed together, as are the "Timed out connecting" computers.

If this behavior is a bug, please consider this a bug report. If this behavior is "working as designed," please consider this a feature request.

Additionally, in these result/status windows, there exists a "Create Group..." button. The interface suggests to me that I should be able to select multiple computers within this list, and have a group created from my selection. However, the effect of the "Create Group..." button is to create a group containing all computers within the results window.

Please consider the following a feature request: The ability to create a group based upon an arbitrary selection of computers in the results window. Selection should be allowed in the standard Click/ Shift-Click method to make a contiguous selection, as well as allowing the standard Command-Click method to select or deselect individual computers.

If this were implemented, it could be combined with the ability to sort the computers by result -- I would then be able to select all computers upon which an action had failed, and create a new group. I could then retry whatever action I was attempting on this new group, or I could otherwise have a method of viewing only computers I had not successfully updated, etc.

Bryan K. Vines
Systems Administrator
Department of Information Systems
Watts Law Firm, L.L.P.