Casper Imaging and AutoDMG and Packages

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Hello All, I'm pretty new to casper, but not Mac or Imaging (Former DeployStudio user). I built a scalable image using AutoDMG and AutoCasper NBI. If I image the base OS down, everything works great, boots perfect, no rights issues. If I load the base images, and then all of my chained PKG's (OS being priority 1, and PKG's being Priority 10), when the image is done, it boot into the system..but then the system want to run File permission repair. Sure enough, several of the packages do not have the right to load. Even after a full permission repair, some packages/software still does not behave properly.

To troubleshoot, I loaded all of the packages I made using composer, separately and manually after a clean install of just a base image. All packages work issues. So i'm at a loss as to why there are permission problems when I have the packages autoloader through casper imaging. Tommrrow, I will break down my list, and try and figure out where the casper imaging is choking, but this i going to be a lot of work, because I will have to load a few smaller configurations through caper imaging and test, and some packages and then test again and so on.

Does anyone have any insight that I may have missed, or why this is happening, when all of the packages load fine manually? Any insight or anything that brings me closer to sanity, would be much appreciated.


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Do you have any .dmg files that are part of your imaging workflow that might be messing with the permissions?


In Composer did you use root /wheel and select "Apply Owner and Group to usr and All Enclosed Items"