Casper Imaging - Assigned two users the same UID

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After pre-stage imaging, I've seen a few machines where the management and a user account ended up with the same UID (501). This is obviously horribly BAD, though easily fixable.

Long story short, one day we imaged just under 400 mixed BYOD laptops via Pre-Stage imaging. (Using CI 9.93-10.11.6 NBI, 9.93 JSS, etc). This pre-stage installed a compiled configuration using a non-booted OS (10.11.6 created via AutoDMG). There were, of course, several other packages and disk images installed. A hidden user account (.pkg, created via CreateUserPkg), a management account (Set as part of the configuration via Casper Admin) and a "standard" student account, added via PreStage Policy.

I've found 4 machines where the "Student" and management account ended up with the UID of 501. I suspect that the management account and user account are bring created at about the same time in the imaging process and things are getting mucked up pretty badly.

Has anyone seen this or have any info that might help me prevent this in the future?