Casper Imaging Prestage/AutoImage: Authentication required

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I installed a new JAMF Pro 9.101.0 server with a default configuration.

I want to stage the clients with netboot/PreStage configuration. I created a configuration, assigned it to a Prestage configuration, entered a valid serial number and a computer name.

But when booting the netboot image and starting Casper Imaging, an account will be needed. If I enter my JSS account, it proceeds and the configuration is filled in correctly (countdown runs).

So why does Casper Imaging not start without asking for an account? I know this behavior only, when the serial number was missing or mismatched. But it seems, it recognizes the serial number and assigns the correct configuration.

Which account will be used as default, when using prestaging/AutoImaging functionality? Maybe I missed something in the JSS configuration.

Thanks for helping.


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Sorry guys.... Just saw, that "Require login for PreStage imaging and Autorun imaging" in Security was enabled. I know, I have disabled it in the past.
Will test it tomorrow again and report.

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That setting apparently re-enables itself on a regular schedule, despite an admin's desire to disable it.