Casper Remote Screen Sharing issues


Hey gang,

We're running 8.31 on Windows Server and we are having connection issues when trying to initiate a screen sharing session through Casper Remote. It just doesn't work consistently. Using the same two Macs, a screen sharing session will work one time but not the next. Sometimes it will work three or four times in a row, and other times it won't connect at all. Generally, but not always, a restart on one or both of the systems will get it working again for a while.

When it doesn't work, here's what happens:

  1. Initiate the remote session in Casper Remote

  2. On the remote Mac, the user is prompted to allow the connection and clicks allow

  3. On the Mac running Casper Remote, the progress window shows "Starting screen sharing..."

  4. On the Mac running Casper Remote, the screen sharing app never opens and an error "Connection failed to" appears. If another attempt is made, it fails and the port number increases by one to 5902, 5903, etc.

At that point, we are dead in the water until a restart usually. We're working with support but thought I'd check with the community to see if anyone else is fighting this.



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Having the same issues here.

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I am running 8.62 on an Xserve and getting the same issue.

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I know this is an old post, but has anyone fixed/resolved this issue?

I am currently have the same issue.


Same issue for us - no fixes yet?

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Has anyone found a fix for this? We are experiencing it with 9.3.

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We are having this same issue with Casper 9.32, although usually we do eventually connect through each time.

However, it will take about 30 seconds ('Starting Screen Sharing...') after the user clicks 'Allow' for the screen to appear on the admins Mac.

Once the window is closed, it then takes about 20 seconds for Casper Remote to state 'Connection closed'

Interestingly, subsequent connections to the same Mac in the following few minutes usually go through more quickly.

Because our Service Desk uses Casper Remote for Mac support calls, they are accessing multiple customers Macs each day and the delays cause frustration.

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Did this get resolved? Having the same issue here too.