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I'm having problems with Casper VNC, i can observe or control a computer using Casper VNC. however when i close the window and Casper remote says it is Stopping the VNC server on the client, Casper remote halts, it gets the spinning ball and never gets anywhere, if i force quit it it closes but stays open in the dock and i can no longer launch Casper remote without a reboot,

Any ideas?

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Kind of a known issue that JAMF is aware of. Not much you can do about it at the moment, but what you've already done. You may not have to go as far as a reboot, a logoff may also clear it out if I recall.

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If you're on Leopard you could always use the built in screen sharing app at /System/Library/CoreServices/Screen Sharing. I've always preferred this because I can just set my base image to allow ARD for the admin account and Screen Sharing has, IMHO, superior compression, scaling, and variable resolution quality, all making it a little faster.

CasperVNC has always seemed kind of weird to me since, AFAIK, it doesn't actually use the vnc server that is actually built into every mac, but instead starts up it's own (maybe tightvnc, I don't remember) and this actually puts two vnc servers running on the client.

Given the intended functionality, CasperVNC could be considered more secure, since it only starts up the server when you want to connect. While I haven't seen this lock up issue, I have noticed that CasperVNC doesn't seem to shut down the remote server when finished leaving two vnc servers running on each machine, seems a bit redundant.

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