Certain Apps asking for Admin credential

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After removing Admin rights from local users, they cannot update some apps. They're getting a popup to enter Administrator rights and click on Add helper. Not sure what this is. Please advise. 

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Our users are standard users and our org doesn’t allow auto updates for most apps.


A lot of applications will provide a preference key to enable or disable updates. You will need to take a look at the documentation for each app or search Jamf nation. You can deploy the plist xml using a configuration profile > application and custom settings > upload. If the app is popular Jamf may already have the options built in or you maybe find the json schema on Jamf nation you can use to provide a gui for the options.

You will need to setup patching policies that will allow you to deploy new versions of apps that are not updating themselves.

Some apps use daemon updaters and don’t require an admin users credentials.

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Some Apps require installing additional files in protected areas of the O/S (like in the /Library file). SInce, by default, only an Administrator is allowed to access those areas of the computer, a standard user is prohibited installing anything that requires writing to those areas. 

As @btowns mentions, you may want to see if you can turn off Auto-Updates and look at using another tool, such as Jamf's App Installer or Installomator, to manage updates. 

Alternatively, you can use a tool like a "Make me an Admin" script or Privileges to all the user to temporarily elevate themselves to an Admin to do the update and then revert them back to a Standard user. 


Slightly off-topic, but in the macOS world, why do some orgs opt to have users as standard users? What is the biggest fear that these orgs attempt to solve? Or is it just more of a "common practice" thing rather than attempting to solve a specific problem? Obviously, having devices with standard users by default creates plenty of issues and management overhead, hence the question.