Certificates Unverified - Jamf Now (Solved)

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If anyone is having an issue similar to...

The issue I had was the enrollment profile was verified, but the other profiles (Restrictions, Security, etc) were unverified after one year passed.

I spent a couple hours searching here and elsewhere and found nothing, but the solution was so simple...

  1. Log in to Jamf Now
  2. Go to the blueprint containing the unverified profiles
  3. Make a minor change to that section
  4. Undo that change
  5. Save

That's it! In moments the new profile will be pushed to the device and the red "unverified" will change to green "verified".

I hope that helps someone! (Now, let's hope people having this issue can actually find this post!)


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I am having the same issue but I am using Jamf Pro 10.31.1. Anyone have a resolution for Jamf Pro?

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 This post is marked Solved - can you please share the resolution. Thanks

The solution is in my original post.