Changing Outlook 2011 preferences

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I'm trying to change the hide local folders option in Outlook according to the instructions in this article:

Outlook seems to overwrite whatever setting I choose when it is launched, even if run the defaults write command with Outlook closed. OS version is 10.9 and 10.10, Outlook version is 14.4.5 and up.

A few months back when I first looked into this, I was able to use managed preferences to enforce this setting (which no longer works now for some reason), but we are not currently looking to enforce it, just to change it once.


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You could try setting it with a profile and see if that works. You can use mcxToProfile to convert the plist to a profile. Since you want to set to once you will have to pkg it up and install it via a policy since I don't believe casper can still work with Profiles that are set to once. make-profile-pkg is a handy tool to package up the profile once you've verified that it's working. Hope this helps.