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Is there a way for me to check which users have not completed the VPP enrolment process? We have recently enrolled 250 devices/users and under VPP invitation it tells me that 72% have accepted the invitation. How can I ONLY see the 28% that have not. I know they have installed their profiles but for whatever reason they have not gone through the app store and signed in using their AppleID, Agreed to the Terms and Conditions etc. When I go into VPP invitation just get this ever increasing list of 'VPP invitation accepted' 'VPP invitation sent', 'MDM invitation sent' etc etc - I just want to be able to see those that have not completed the process so I can go and see them personally and help them 'get over the line'


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What do you get when you create a Smart User group with the criteria: VPP Invitation Status - is - Associated?

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I've done this as well. I have two groups created so one has users that are associated with VPP and those that aren't. The groups use department pulled from LDAP and VPP Invitation Status. So the first criteria pulls the department and the 2nd criteria is VPP Invitation status that is either associated or not associated. This way invites being sent to a group only go to those who aren't associated. If they don't see the invite pop up on their iPad, it shows up in the self-service web clip and can be accepted there.