Checksum for Jamf Pro 10.33 Linux

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I am attempting to verify my download of 10.33 for Linux.

I cannot match the posted checksum. 0b89f2945f7df906fee4a3d2235670c2fb774cb15212a1591b533737cda2aff4

Can anyone confirm that the posted checksum is correct?

If correct, what tool did you use? shasum -a 256?




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Yes that checksum you posted is correct for Linux. 

sha256sum is probably what you're looking to invoke on linux rather than shasum -a 256 which works on macOS.

Also, you need to run the checksum against the compressed .zip file rather than the .run file. 

Hope that helps

Same result on Linux box -- checksum not equal to what is posted on download page.

Tech support advised me to go ahead with install - so far so good - 10.33 is running fine

Thanks for the help

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Thanks for your reply ithangdang.

Once the download is complete, I have "" and nothing else.

Will try sha256sum on a Linux machine.