Chrome Management for Students: Chrome App Store Lockdown

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Good Afternoon Nation,

Currently, our 9-12 student population uses Apple laptops that we provide for them in a 1:1 environment. Currently, we use a configuration profile that we assign to our student machines that block all extensions and Apps other than the ones we whitelist. We do this because we were having problems with students downloading proxy extensions and bypassing our content filter. We also use our Google Admin Console to configure extensions/Apps for our K-8 students who use Chromebooks, and it would be great if our Apple users could benefit from that too.

However, Chrome's behavior doesn't seem to require login to download some or even all extensions/Apps? Is there a way to force our students to log in to Chrome's web store to download Apps, so they will then be subject to our Google Admin extension/App policies?

From the research I've done, this doesn't seem possible, you all are my only hope.

Thanks again for any help.