clickable URL as an extension attribute?

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I'm working on an extension attribute script, that utilises API, which uses the assigned user and the MacBook serial number, to populate information of assigned devices managed and total based on the assigned user.


it took a while, but I am near complete, the problem I appear to be having now is generating a clickable link

The below will generate all the HTML code but it will just appear as text instead of insert into the web page to be clicked

echo "<result><p><a href=\"$jamfProURL/mobileDevices.html?id=${managedidmobiledevicearraydata}\">$managedidmobiledevicename</a></p></result>"

and this will just list a URL as text

echo "<result>$jamfProURL/mobileDevices.html?id=${managedidmobiledevicearraydata}</result>"

does any one know how this could be achieved so it would list the URL as a clickable URL? I suspect it would likely be a limitation of how the java script is treating anything between <result></result> as only text?


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Sorry to say, I would suspect that this would/should be impossible because of data sanitization. More than likely it would be considered a bug if possible. 

Cut and Paste is likely the only option then, bummer.

Not sure how committed you are to getting it working but one idea would be to do it client side using tamper monkey and a userscript. 

cut and paste will be sufficient. I can see what you mean though, the ability to insert interactive code would be not good. a href link would of been nice though.