Cloud-managed Chrome Browser - Enrollment Issue

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We're in the process of enrolling our MacOS Chrome browsers so that they're cloud managed through the Google Admin console.

I've followed the steps in this guide that specifically pertains to JAMF deployments:

And have built a config profile. The issue is that it only enrolls my computer (which I am using to test this), but no additional computers after that.

I've scoped the profile to another computer, which I've verified is getting it. I've verified it has the same (correct) enrollment token as mine.

If I do a 'manual' enrollment - (the first part of Option 2) on this other computer, it enrolls just fine. So the issue seems to be with this method of enrolling via the config profile.

The computers are on the same operating system (11.2.3).


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I'm having the same issue, Were you able to find a solution?

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Sorry for the late response, I ended up having to download the enrollment token and pushing it out with a policy and placing it in the users \library\google\chrome (forget the exact path). I think you may have to fill user template data if it's a shared machine.

There's a third party tool I like using called 'Profile Creator' for building config profiles, and in there under Google Chrome, there's a spot where you put the enrollment key in. You can customize a lot of other Chrome browser settings as well. It's possible that way might work now, I never figured out why the config profile enrollment didn't work for us.

But enrollment token (download from Google Admin) pushed as policy to the correct location worked for us.

This thing: