CocoaDialog 3 Error

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Has anyone who uses CocoaDialog seen the error below? I am seeing this on a growing number of computers ranging from 10.10 - 10.12. It's only come up recently, but the result is that the dialog never shows up for the end user. The only thing I have done to our JSS is upgrade it to 9.101.0.

cocoaDialog[11346:390410] Failed to connect (imageView) outlet from (CDMsgboxControl) to (NSImageView): missing setter or instance variable

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If you're referring to the old "3.0.0-betaX" releases, these are now being referenced as "2.3.x" releases (see: These are severely antiquated and will not be "fixed".

If you're referring the latest code that you would have to build yourself, it's currently "broken". This is primarily because of the commit 107f401.

Long story short, this commit was just the beginning of moving away from XIB/NIB based layouts to constraint based automatic layouts that are implemented in a programmatic way. There were other factors (setting up CI and tests) that interrupted this process and it kind of put the current code in a "limbo" state for a couple months.

I'm well aware that there's still a lot of work to be done to finalize what this originally started so it gets back to a working state. Unfortunately, I'm just one person and my day job (which has nothing to do with macOS development) has been keeping me quite occupied lately. Such is the life of FOSS.

I welcome any and all PRs ( to help get this back on track.

As a side note, I would like to remind you and everyone else here, that there is no official release of "cocoadialog 3" yet. There is also no real "ETA" either on when this may happen, but I'm hoping by the end of the year to have it more solidified; if not fully released.

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Also, FYI, I don't always check JAMF so I apologize for the tardy reply. If you wish to get a speedier response, you can always create an issue/PR at or join our Slack workspace: