Code rebel iRapp packaging and scripting to include license using composer or other packaging software

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I am looking for help/assistance/answer on how to package a certain application and script a license to be included all through policies.

The application installation will go into 1 policy and the license will be going through another policy as best common practice

When packaging the application using composer it actually doesn't make the application behave properly

I am also have minimal scripting experience so help would also be needed into what should be included in the script when licensing the product

Code Rebel instructions are as follows :
You can do all steps from shell script or another scripting environment. However, if you want to automate the process see following article
My plan is to attach the DMG in package manifests
then it asks to mount the DMG
hdiutil attach iRAPP_Server_Mac_Setup_For_10.10.dmg
Then run this setup
sudo "/Volumes/iRAPP/iRAPP" install
Then start service sudo rapservice start -w
Then i would like another policy to do this (Install license)
this is the command to check the license which i don't think is needed sudo rapservice liccmd check -i

And this is the command to have license installed sudo rapservice liccmd load -i -f "FULL_NAME_OF_LICENSE_FILE" (Name of file is license.lic)

Can someone please give me concise answers on how to make this happen.
Any help and answers would surely be appreciated