Composer 10.11.1 Only Lists Recent Package Build

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Beginning with Composer 10.11.1, we have observed that only the most recent package built is listed under "PACKAGES".

Existing packages that are dragged into Composer are still listed, however, newly built packages created by Composer only lists the last package that was actually built, replacing the listing for any previously built packages.

This has been observed on macOS 10.13.6 and 10.14.4.

Jamf Support states in one instance that this is "expected behavior", then in another states "a Product Issue has been filed, and that this issue could not be replicated".

Has anyone else observed this behavior with Composer 10.11.1?


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@stephen.perry-GS Can you show a screen shot? Mine appears to be normal, and I'm running on 10.14.5 b3 as well...